How do I get my Avangate Affiliate ID?



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  • Garymaynard69

    Have been trying for almost a year to get approved for an affiliate link with Avangate. Was going to do a review and tutorial video showing how to set up a landing page with DotComPal and use the link to generate sales. I am seriously now thinking of doing a review of Avangate and how they are extremely difficult to get a link with and for future affiliates to avoid them for the services they offer. Might even run some ads just to get traction on what people should not invest in. When I purchased DotComPal, I was led to believe that I also got resell privileges but that was just wasted money I guess. A year of trying to get what I purchased is a little bit extreme and I am not happy with Avangate and in turn DotComPal. No one else to reach out to so this is where I will vent.

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